Controlled Goods Program (CGP)

Today’s world demands the highest levels of security, and privacy. Knowing that your networks and data, and the data of your clients, is safe can help you do your job with confidence. At Techdoz, we take your data and business’s security very seriously.

Techdoz is a registered member of the Controlled Goods Program of Canada (CGP), a program that plays a vital role in preventing unlawful examination, possession, or transfer of controlled goods in Canada. And while that certification lets us work with businesses in the aerospace and defence industries, we believe all our clients deserve services to these standards.

Being a CGP registered member means we have staff and protocols that put your security and privacy before anything else. All of our employees are security assessed as part of their application process and receive up-to-date training on our security protocols and procedures. We’ve made sure they’re the right people to handle your information and networks.

With such high security measures in place for all our clients, we’re one of only a few IT companies that have the credentials to back up our security claims. With Techdoz, we take the steps necessary to keep you data and network safe, legally compliant and reliable.

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CGP Info

  • CG# 18561
  • Certificate #26730
  • Issued: 11 / 2013
  • Expires: 11 / 2018
  • NCAGE Code: L0BG4