COVID-19 – Work Disruption to Local Business

COVID-19 - Work Disruption to Local Business

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our clients and colleagues. The below information will be updated as new information is processed by our team.

Updated: 09-01-2020

With enforcement of face masks in public places and businesses as per The Middlesex-London Health Unit and City of London, Techdoz is ready. Our team continues our aggressive approach keeping everyone safe.

Updated: 07-20-2020

With new mandatory face masks in public places as per The Middlesex-London Health Unit and City of London, it does not change the protocols put in place by Techdoz in May of this year.

For each site visit our staff:

  • Passed a pre-screening health form to determine the potential for exposure to COVID-19.
  • Supplied with nitrile (Latex Free) gloves which will be removed and disposed of properly between clients and tasks as required.
  • Mandatory non-medical masks. Staff is also supplied with medical masks and goggles should it be required based on environment.
  • Record all interactions / locations for contact tracing.
  • Supplied with hand sanitizer, disinfectant supplies and proper disposing appliance of spent PPE.

We ask our clients to please communicate any changes to your environment before our next visit to ensure we are in compliance.These are extraordinary times and we all need to our part to move forward on the right path.

Updated: 05-27-2020

As businesses start to open up, the push is on to be compliant with the ever changing rules to keep everyone safe.

Please visit the Ontario Government website for the latest safety guidelines for your business:

For all our clients please do not hesitate to reach out for any office changes that are required. We have been busy the last few weeks making necessary technology upgrades to support the changes of our clients.

Techdoz is following strict guidelines when our techs our visiting on-site premises.

Updated: April 6th, 2020

The Ontario Government has released their updated essential service page. Being a Managed IT Service Provider, as per the Ontario Government we are listed as an essential business. Our office is closed to the public but are operating at full capacity to service our clients.

As per

Information Technology (IT) services, including online services, software products and the facilities necessary for their operation and delivery.

Updated: March 24th, 2020

Being a Managed IT Service Provider, as per the Ontario Government we are listed as an essential business and will remain open to service our clients and new clients that have recently joined us.

We are also completing our satellite office to accommodate our staff in social distancing  and to service our customers quicker.

As per

Businesses engaged in providing or supporting Information Technology (IT) including online services, software products and related services, as well as the technical facilities such as data centres and other network facilities necessary for their operation and delivery.

Updated: March 23rd, 2020

Due to the current issue of COVID-19 we have added the following protocols at the office, projects and any emergency on site tasks:

  • At our place of work, we are cleaning regularly including wiping down and disinfecting surfaces, doorknobs, hardware, laptops, keyboards and mice
  • Any hardware that is brought into any place of business has been disinfected
  • We make sure our company vehicles is properly cleaned and disinfected
  • Each staff has access to gloves and masks as required
  • Hand Sanitizers accessible in every room of the office, including all vehicles
  • We have enforced that any symptoms of staff not feeling well to stay home and self isolate as per the Middlesex London Health Unit
  • No member has traveled outside of the country/out of province
  • We are adhering to the proper screening processes as laid out by the Middlesex London Health Unit

Prior to visiting any client we are reaching out to ensure any additional steps necessary by our staff.

Updated: March 16th, 2020

We appreciate your patience as we manage a high volume of calls related to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and managing your business.

Techdoz is prepared to help you stay productive and navigate potential business challenges. All of our clients on 03-05-2020 have received:

  • An amendment to your contracts adjusting billing intervals for remote work
  • Extended business hours
  • Removing "after hour" fees for all existing clients

Techdoz visits clients offices daily and we have taken preventative measures in an effort to reduce risk and do our part in “Social Distancing” & “Social Protection”. In the coming days and weeks we will be limiting on-site visits to high priority only. As always our remote support lines are always available with staff working from home able to assist.

Please note Techdoz has in place a work from home policy for our staff that enforces strict security procedures to ensure the protection of our clients data. Any work we complete at our office, on-site, and remotely adheres to all regulations and laws. We take your business and data seriously.

For more information on COVID-19 please visit the following links:

The Middlesex-London Health Unit

Public Health Agency of Canada

Thanks for your patience and understanding and please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


Please remember the next few weeks will no doubt be difficult for many local businesses. But here are some ideas on how you can help. (Image from London Chamber of Commerce)