Remote Support


Techdoz offers remote support for our applications using TeamViewer remote support software.

The remote maintenance software "TeamViewer" enables our support staff to see your screen and/or to control your computer remotely to offer precise assistance. We use this to connect to your systems so we can resolve any issues you may be having. You should only use these under advice from Techdoz.

This is only used for one-off sessions and once closed we cannot gain access to your systems.

Techdoz Remote Support Download


You are requesting the remote assistance of a Techdoz support technician through a remote connection to your computer. You understand that by requesting such assistance, you will be providing Techdoz support technician with access to and control of your computer. In addition, you may be providing Techdoz support technician with access to files that reside on your computer. Remote access services are provided at your own risk.

Techdoz accepts no liability for faults occurring during or after the remote support session is provided.

Techdoz does not accept liability in anyway, whatsoever, for any special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages including, but not limited to loss of profits or damages resulting from loss of use, loss of applications or loss of data, however caused, including negligence and regardless of the form of action, whether in contract or tort, even if advisement has been given, known or should have known of the possibility of such incidental, indirect or consequential damages. Techdoz, its agents or partners, will not be liable for any fault, failure or delay in performance due in whole or in part to any cause beyond the reasonable control of Techdoz.

By accepting this disclaimer, you also agree that you understand some problems may not be able to be rectified via a remote link and may require on-site support. You also agree that it is your responsibility to ensure you have backups of all applications and all data prior to the remote support session.

By choosing to download this remote software you confirm your acceptance of this disclaimer in its entirety and you are agreeing to allow Techdoz Remote access to your computer to perform technical support services in accordance with the terms of the disclaimer.

Doing Our Part

At Techdoz, we take pride in doing our part to help the environment. That is why we safely reuse and recycle all electronics, as per the Ontario Electronic Stewardship Program. For more information please visit the OES website at