Small Business Week – Oct 15 – 21, 2023

What do you enjoy the most about being a small business owner?
Christian: “Running a small business allows me to be intimately involved in every aspect of the company, from shaping our vision and values to working closely with our team and connecting personally with our clients. Building a small business has provided me with the chance to foster a close-knit, supportive community within the business. Our team feels like a second family, and the relationships we’ve cultivated with our clients are built on trust, mutual respect, and a shared sense of purpose. The most rewarding aspect of being a small business owner is the ability to make a difference, both in the lives of our team members and in the communities we serve.”

What inspired you to start your business?
Christian: “Firstly, my passion for technology was a driving force. I wanted to channel that passion into something meaningful. Secondly, I observed a gap or opportunity in the market that my business idea could address. Whether it was a product or service that I believed could be improved or a unique approach that could solve a problem, I saw the potential to make a positive impact. Moreover, I was inspired by the idea of making a difference in people’s lives. I wanted to create job opportunities, contribute to the local economy, and provide valuable solutions to my target audience. Lastly, the support and encouragement from mentors, friends, and family inspired me to leap into entrepreneurship. Their belief in my vision gave me the confidence to pursue my dream and start my own business.”

What advice do you have or people that would like to start a small business?
Christian: “Starting a small business is an exciting journey. Never forget the passion that got you started. Surround yourself with people with a like mindset, and you will go far. Remember to take failure not as the end all be all but a learning opportunity. We only succeed when we fail.”

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