Who We Are

Who We Are

Proudly servicing London, Ontario and surrounding area, Techdoz is the one stop shop for a business’s full technology needs. As your Managed IT specialist, we are proud to offer a wide variety of solutions from computer services, technology sales, cabling and more at affordable rates.

Techdoz was founded on the idea that technology solutions should save businesses time and money. Too many companies are forced to outsource their technology needs to multiple companies. One for networking. One for data backups. Another for hardware. Managing who to call for specific needs became confusing and a waste of valuable time.

With Techdoz, you can get every single one of your IT needs handled by one company, with professionals who know your business. We’re here to make life easier. With completely customized solutions designed to suit your business, your company can get everything it needs. No useless extras. No downtime. No need to wonder who handles what aspect of your business. And as a member of the Controlled Goods Program of Canada, Techdoz will handle your concerns with the utmost respect to your business’s security and privacy.

The Techdoz proactive approach to technology solutions delivers results to those who rely on us to keep their business running smooth.

Doing Our Part

At Techdoz, we take pride in doing our part to help the environment. That is why we safely reuse and recycle all electronics, as per the Ontario Electronic Stewardship Program. For more information please visit the OES website at http://ontarioelectronicstewardship.ca


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